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Set Realistic Expectations for Your Subaru This Winter

In Colorado, the Department of Transportation can implement passenger vehicle tractions laws where you must have special tires or the all-wheel-drive capability like you will find in a Subaru. However, just because you have a Subaru does not mean you are home free in the worst conditions this winter. You’ll want to take your car to a Subaru mechanic to make sure it’s ready for the cold weather and remember to set realistic expectations for your all-wheel drive.

All-wheel drive is certainly an awesome feature. It can help you start moving and continue moving in deep snow, even in steep conditions, making that trip to the ski lodge a piece of cake. It helps prevent fishtailing when you accelerate so you’re less likely to lose control than a car with rear-wheel drive, but without the correct tires, you might not get as far as you think.

No matter what car you’re driving or how well your Subaru mechanic has suped it up for you, if you live in snowy Colorado, you’re going to need winter tires. If your city is quick to plow and you don’t need to drive through deep snow on a regular basis, you may be able to get away with all-season tires.  For those of us who deal with snowstorms on a regular basis, winter tires, for all four wheels, are better. Make sure the tread is at least 6/32-inch deep and perhaps keep a set of tire chains in the trunk just in case. The best Subaru mechanic can check tire treads when you come in for a tune-up.

Another way to gain traction on slippery roads is to deflate your tires by a couple of pounds each. If you normally inflate your tires to 32 cold pounds per square inch, try reducing them to 28 instead. Less air in your tires equals greater road resistance and increased traction. This is just for individual trips though. If you try to drive a dry highway after deflating your tires, you may find that your fuel economy suffers. The best Subaru mechanic can show you how to deflate if you don’t already know, and point you towards a high-quality pressure gauge so you can regulate it yourself. The Subaru Clinic of Broomfield Colorado provides many professional services!

Choosing a Subaru mechanic near me is a great first step in getting your car ready for winter and all-wheel drive is great. Just be sure to improve traction with better tires, lower air pressure and a backup set of chains.

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Getting Your Subaru Ready for the Long Winter Ahead

We all know winter in the Denver and Boulder Colorado areas can be harsh. Significant snowfall and cold temperatures can wreak havoc on your Subaru. Routine yearly maintenance on your car is essential preparation for safe winter driving, so see a Subaru mechanic today. Too many things can go wrong. Here is what you should have checked to get your Subaru ready for winter driving in Colorado.

A regular maintenance check with your Subaru specialist should be your first stop. What might be passable in summer months can be hazardous in cold weather. An oil change is essential if your car is due. You also need good brakes for slippery stops, so make sure your brake pads are in excellent shape and your brake fluid is full and fresh. Have both replaced if necessary. Any engine problems should be taken care of now as well because they will only get worse in the snow and leave you stranded.

Next, you will need to check your antifreeze and windshield wipers. Antifreeze is necessary to keep your radiator running, so be sure a mixture of 50/50 water and antifreeze comes up to the fill line. This is something you can measure with a testing unit or by taking your car to your trusted Subaru mechanic. Windshield wipers are essential to battle mud, snow and freezing rain, so invest in a new pair of wiper blades every winter. Look for a pair without an external spring to prevent frozen joints. A Subaru specialist should also top off your washer fluid tank with straight washer fluid while you are at the shop. This will keep your washers from freezing in the reservoir.

Winter tires are recommended in our Colorado climate and you should have supplies in your car in case you get stranded. Breakdowns happen, so you should be prepared. Keep your car stocked with winter clothes, blankets, water, food and hand warmers, as well as a spare tire. You never know how long you may be stuck, so be sure you have what you need for you and your passengers to survive. Also, keep a shovel and scraper in case you need to dig out your car.

When winter hits in Denver and Boulder, your car needs to be ready. Take your car to the experts at The Subaru Clinic for any maintenance and stock up on supplies so you can travel as safely as possible.

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Subaru Cooling System: Why Should I Have My Coolant Flushed?

Now that winter has set in, bringing with it freezing road conditions, it is time to think about your Subaru cooling system. More often than not, people believe that the cooling service system for Subaru vehicles only needs attention during warm summer months. The truth is, regardless of the weather, it is always important to keep an eye on the system as it’s vital to have a Subaru cooling system year-round. Learn more about all the benefits to flushing your Subaru’s coolant here.

Eliminate Subaru Vehicle Wintertime Woes

In the winter, your cooling service system for Subaru cars provides you with an efficient cabin heater, uniform vehicle temperatures which allows for reduced thermal stresses on the radiator and engine, and protection against both overheating and freezing. That’s why it is essential to make sure that this system is functioning optimally at all times.

Antifreeze Concentration And Associated Issues

As many Subaru owners don’t understand the ins and outs of a cooling system, they usually don’t realize how antifreeze concentration can pose a problem to their car. When antifreeze concentration ratios are low at sub-zero temperatures, it often results in a frozen cooling system. What does this all mean? Basically, it spells disaster for your system, resulting in engine damage. That’s why your Subaru cooling system must be regularly checked no matter the season. The Subaru Clinic provides full service maintenance for your Subaru.

Unfortunately, during the warmer months, it can be difficult to gage cooling issues since there’s no need for heaters, leaving you with cold air blowing around in your cabin in the dead of winter.

Regular Cooling System Checks

Skip all the hassles, and just go straight to regularly scheduled coolant flushes. Changing your coolant allows for your cooling system to run efficiently and optimally. What’s more, aside from keeping the system clean, these flushes help ensure that all system components run smoothly.

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How to Find a Trustworthy Repair Shop


You’ve just joined the club of Subaru owners with the addition of a new Crosstrek XV. You’re not in it for the status symbol, you’re in it because you love to play outside and have fun driving while you’re at it. So, you celebrate your new car with a trip to the mountains and an epic hike. While beaming with pride and accomplishment you start on your way down the road. The awful smell and unearthly sounds clued you in enough to look in the direction of your emergency brake…. which is still engaged. Not only are you thoroughly crushed, but you’re racking your brain as to where you’re going to take your Subaru! You’re previous mechanic was great, but doesn’t do Subarus.

Finding a trustworthy repair shop is not as easy as it should be. A quick search for “Subaru car repair services” brings up almost too many options. You could check reviews, which can help, but can easily eat up hours of your day. Finally, after calling around to a few different places you talk to a friendly gentleman who really wants to help and even feels bad for the car! So you set up an appointment and come drop off your wheels at The Subaru Clinic. It’s so squeaky clean in there it will make you wonder about your own kitchen floor….

Give Oleg and the guys the rundown, and feel assured that you’ve made the right decision. Remember to discuss and schedule regular maintenance, oil changes, and whatever else you need to keep your fun-mobile on the road.

The team at the Subaru clinic specialize in Subaru car repair and will help you take great care of your car! Whether you’re leading the charge up I-70 on a snowy day, or just cruising to the other side of town for dinner, relax and enjoy knowing that you have the perfect shop for your perfect car at The Subaru Clinic.

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The Qualities of a Good Mechanic

Talking to a mechanic you just met can be tough. Trusting them with your vehicle can be tougher. Waiting for the bill can be worse. How do you know you’ve found the right tech for you?

A good auto mechanic evolves with the industry. The old days of being the neighborhood grease monkey aren’t really good enough anymore. The addition of computerized systems and diagnostic equipment create another dimension of operation. Cars aren’t built as straightforwardly as they once were. Overall, it’s a great thing, we have serious safety features, fuel efficiency, and more comfortable rides.

So what makes a good mechanic within these new parameters?

Some qualities shouldn’t change: analytical thinking will always be applicable. Diagnosing or troubleshooting an issue in a logical, practical manner is ideal. Experience is also desirable, as no one wants their vehicle to serve as a lab project for a green mechanic. The instinct and ability to complete the work necessary is an obvious key factor. The awareness to run applicable test and checks is helpful in the long run. You want to feel assured when you get your vehicle from the shop that you won’t have to be taking it back due to an oversight. The landscape of modern vehicles is ever-changing. A thirst for knowledge is a great sign that your mechanic cares about what he’s doing and wants to do it well.

Those are the technical aspects, and if you can identify some of those qualities in your mechanic, you may start to feel at ease about the quality of work you’ll receive. However, because these are specific to the profession at hand, it doesn’t necessarily mean the conversation will go well.

Sometimes, highly technical individuals don’t have much of a bedside manner. This is where things can get tricky. Ideally, we want a mechanic that possesses a technical composition complimented by an amicable demeanor. Customer Service skills are highlighted more and more in training programs. A mechanic is more likely to encourage repeat business with a good product and a good attitude. Someone that can break down the technical lexicon to an explanation you fully understand is priceless. Even better if you can ask questions!

More than these attributes, you want honesty. You want an honest presentation of the issue. You want a clear, clean estimate with no added nonsense. You want a complete understanding of what someone else is doing to your vehicle. This is what you’ll find at Subaru Clinic. Oleg and his team work on your Subaru with care and attention to detail. More than that, they treat you well. You leave the repair shop feeling like you’ve just made a friend. The work at Subaru Clinic is warrantied for a year, and it’s done right. If you’re driving a Subaru in the Denver, Broomfield, Boulder, or surrounding areas, contact Subaru Clinic to schedule your next maintenance visit today.


Summer Preventive Maintenance

Hot, Hot, Hot!

It’s been a toasty summer so far, Colorado! We’ve even hit 102F this month!

Be sure to come into The Subaru Clinic to have your pre-adventure checkup done. The last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road, steam coming from your engine, with a car full of kids (or dogs).

One of the most vital creature comforts in your vehicle is your air conditioner. We don’t do too well when we overheat, and neither does your engine. Your car’s cooling system typically needs a check-up every two years. This preventive maintenance can keep an engine from overheating. Typical problems like leaking hoses or radiator, worn or broken fan belts, faulty water pumps or thermostats, and electrical issues can be found -and fixed- before you hit the road.

If you’re already on the road, or it’s been a while since your last maintenance visit, here’s What to do if your car overheats:

  • Turn off A/C
  • Turn on heater full blast to drain engine heat, and prevent further damage
  • Pull over and park, in the shade if you can
  • Unless there is steam (!!!), raise the hood to cool the engine
  • Call Roadside Assistance
  • Have your car towed to The Subaru Clinic, Denver’s Best Subaru Repair Shop

While you leave your car to the best Subaru repair Denver team, we can also check your other systems for summer preparedness. We can look at your antifreeze, power steering, brake, and windshield washer fluids and check your engine oil level. We can test your lights, check your belts and hoses, pressure test your tires and double-check the tread, just to ensure your Subaru is ready for the adventures you have in store.

After you get your beloved Subaru from our capable hands, here’s some ideas for Delightful Day Trips in Colorado!

Stop by The Subaru Clinic to have your Summer Preventive Maintenance done today!