Subaru Car Support in Colorado

Feel free to contact Subaru Clinic for assistance or with any questions you may have!

We at Subaru Clinic are there for our customers, 100 percent.

We always want to be available to you to answer any questions you may have. While we try to have as much information as possible on our website, if you can’t find the answers to your questions in our documentation or FAQs page, please contact our support team at the email address below:

Yes, you sure can. We have a mail slot inside the door where you can drop your contact info and key. We provide this service for our customers because we want your service experience to be as smooth and convenient as possible.
For every customer we service, we keep all records in our database for all repairs that have been done to your vehicle. We pride ourselves on keeping track of these things for our customers, because we value every single customer that comes through our doors. We know that sometimes paperwork and receipts can get lost, and we are happy to provide backup when this happens to you.