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Subaru Cooling System: Why Should I Have My Coolant Flushed?

Now that winter has set in, bringing with it freezing road conditions, it is time to think about your Subaru cooling system. More often than not, people believe that the cooling service system for Subaru vehicles only needs attention during warm summer months. The truth is, regardless of the weather, it is always important to keep an eye on the system as it’s vital to have a Subaru cooling system year-round. Learn more about all the benefits to flushing your Subaru’s coolant here.

Eliminate Subaru Vehicle Wintertime Woes

In the winter, your cooling service system for Subaru cars provides you with an efficient cabin heater, uniform vehicle temperatures which allows for reduced thermal stresses on the radiator and engine, and protection against both overheating and freezing. That’s why it is essential to make sure that this system is functioning optimally at all times.

Antifreeze Concentration And Associated Issues

As many Subaru owners don’t understand the ins and outs of a cooling system, they usually don’t realize how antifreeze concentration can pose a problem to their car. When antifreeze concentration ratios are low at sub-zero temperatures, it often results in a frozen cooling system. What does this all mean? Basically, it spells disaster for your system, resulting in engine damage. That’s why your Subaru cooling system must be regularly checked no matter the season. The Subaru Clinic provides full service maintenance for your Subaru.

Unfortunately, during the warmer months, it can be difficult to gage cooling issues since there’s no need for heaters, leaving you with cold air blowing around in your cabin in the dead of winter.

Regular Cooling System Checks

Skip all the hassles, and just go straight to regularly scheduled coolant flushes. Changing your coolant allows for your cooling system to run efficiently and optimally. What’s more, aside from keeping the system clean, these flushes help ensure that all system components run smoothly.

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Subaru Repair Boulder

What a beautiful summer it has been thus far in Boulder, Colorado. With concerts on the Pearl Street Mall, rock climbing in Eldorado Canyon State Park, or mountain biking in the Foothills, we are truly blessed.  With half of the summer remaining, it is pertinent to keep your Subaru in tip-top shape! You need your car running at peak performance to take you up the Boulder Canyon or to enjoy a beautiful sunset on top of Chautauqua Park.

The Subaru Clinic is here for you.  We are the top Subaru repair Boulder experts consisting of Oleg and his team who excel in every aspect of Subaru service.  The roads and trails around Boulder and the Foothills can prove to be very taxing on a vehicle.  Whether jetting up the mountain to go fly fishing or cruising down a rocky road off the beaten path, your car will require maintenance and repair after a few adventures.  When those repairs are a necessity, Contact your Subaru Repair Experts in Boulder!

The Subaru Clinic can fine tune your engine – adding zip to your ride.  Climbing up a mountain pass can prove to be tough if your Subaru’s engine is running sluggish.  You can depend on the Subaru repair Boulder crew of experts to diagnose any engine issue using advanced computer technology and dial in the repair – saving time and money.

Normal wear and tear on your Subaru’s suspension will require the replacement of your shocks and struts.  Proper repair of suspension parts will allow your Subaru to hug the road optimizing the feel and ride quality of your vehicle.  Driving from Boulder to Nederland will be breeze as you become part of the road with a performance tuned suspension from The Subaru Clinic.

The Subaru repair Boulder team also offers comprehensive brake repair and replacement – allowing you to stop on a dime.  Driving on the busy streets of Boulder and between the canyon walls on a scenic highway can provide a Subaru driver with great enjoyment.  A worn set of brakes can change this experience entirely! To ensure you are able to stop in time for pedestrians or properly slow down on a mountainous decline, proper brake repair is crucial for your Subaru.

An active lifestyle requires a reliable vehicle to take you where you need to go.  Subaru is one of most popular car brands in Colorado and the Boulder area.  Read More here. We strive to keep our customers satisfied and on the road to their favorite destinations throughout Colorado.  Have a wonderful second half of your summer and remember the Subaru Clinic is here for all your Subaru repair needs in the Boulder area!




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