Subaru Batteries/Charging system in Colorado

Come into Subaru Clinic today to get your batteries charged, cleaned or replaced.


Your car’s battery is the lifeblood of your vehicle. It is responsible for starting your car and running many of the accessories on the vehicle. The battery must endure extreme temperatures and still be able to perform. While most of the time the battery can just sit in your car without maintenance, the natural venting of fumes from the battery will eventually cause corrosion on the battery terminals, and this must be periodically cleaned.

Additionally, if your battery is running low or has been worn out, it needs charging. We offer services in this area. In some cases, and after many years of use, it may be that your battery is in need of replacing, and we can help with that too.

Subaru Clinic sells batteries and offers electrical repairs with quality parts.


Whether your battery needs cleaning, charging or replacing, it is important to come in when you think you may have electrical issues going on with your car. Sometimes the issue is actually with the alternator, though people often assume it is their battery. The alternator is responsible for operating all the electrical accessories while the engine is running. Everything from the turn signals, to the engine computer to the fuel pump is powered by the battery and alternator. The alternator also recharges the battery after it is used to start the engine.

Electrical system problems can be slight or major, and we at Subaru Clinic offer alternator replacement using quality parts.