Subaru Oil Change in Colorado


In order for a vehicle to function properly, the engine uses up a lot of its motor oil. Motor oil keeps the engine lubricated and efficient in transferring heat, essentially enabling the car to work. It also helps reduce wear and tear on all of the engine’s moving parts.

Over time, however, accumulated dirt can break down the oil and turn it into “sludge” or “cake.” As a result, the engine parts corrode and become dirty. When your car’s oil is not changed when it should be, it ages, it becomes less efficient, causes performance issues, and ultimately results in shortened engine life.

An oil change may be a simple routine service but it is a must for your vehicle. It helps remove sludge and other particles to keep the engine in peak condition. You also avoid expensive repairs, which are required for engine damage or failure.


Each car oil change used to be performed every 3,000 miles or quarterly to ensure optimum vehicle performance. Thanks to innovative engine technologies and advanced oil engine formulation – oil-change intervals have changed. In recent years, and depending on your vehicle, changing oil annually or after up to 10,000 miles is considered good practice.

Still, it helps to check your owner’s manual for guidance on maintenance. If you’re still not sure if it’s time for an oil change or not, look out for these warning signs:

  • Oil has turned dirty, black, or lump
  • Weird, jumpy noises coming from the engine
  • The inside of your car reeks of engine oil
  • Excessive mileage
  • The “Check Oil” or “Check Engine” light comes on.
  • Translucent exhaust smoke indicates oil leak in the engine, which also needs to be addressed immediately.


When your vehicle undergoes a full service oil change, your car service professionals at Subaru Clinic will evaluate its oil levels and condition. They will replace it with either the conventional mineral-based motor oil or the synthetic blend. Our Subaru oil change service also includes inspecting your oil filter and replacing it.

The conventional mineral-based type is more commonly used when changing oil. Synthetic oil, on the other hand, is becoming an increasingly popular choice because it provides instant lubrication, is more efficient in resisting breakdowns, and can withstand high temperatures. The formulation also lasts longer than the mineral-based option, which means less waste and more savings.

At Subaru Clinic – you can expect us to explain to you the different steps as we perform an oil change for Subaru cars. We make recommendations based on certain parameters.

When it comes to keeping your engine clean, properly lubricated, and working smoothly, don’t take chances. Schedule an appointment for comprehensive oil change service with your certified technicians Subaru Clinic.