About Us

Subaru Clinic has been in business since 2007. Before 2009, it operated as Oleg’s Car Service and specialized in many Japanese vehicles. Subaru is one of the best vehicles you can own in Colorado. By bringing your Subaru to Subaru Clinic, you are choosing great services with great rates. Subaru Clinic is a family operated company.

Meet Subaru Clinic personnel:



Oleg Kudelin is the president of the company and a master technician. He was born inAzerbaidjan, former Soviet Union. After Soviet Union collapsed, his family moved to south Russia. As a teenager, he expressed interest in the mechanic world and fixed farm equipment on his family’s farm. He immigrated to the United States in 1999. He started working with Japanese vehicles right away and feels a great passion for what he does. He found himself best at working with Subaru and decided to narrow his expertise. He is very well known for his exceptional skills in rebuilding engines.