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How to Keep Your Subaru Transmission in Top Shape for Summer Mountain Driving

With warm weather just around the corner, it’s time to make sure your Subaru is road-trip-ready. The last thing you need is a breakdown while exploring mountainous terrain. Hot temperatures can lead to car trouble if you’re not careful, so getting your vehicle checked by a Subaru repair shop is a great idea. Be especially wary of your transmission in summer months.

Summer Activities Can Take a Toll on Your Transmission

While traveling this summer, will you be towing dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, or other heavy cargo on a trailer? It can be murder on your transmission, so check your transmission fluid before each trip and get it changed when necessary. Other warm-weather activities can age your transmission as well. For example, driving through the hills or mountains, excessive heat, stop-and-go traffic, driving through mud or fast starts and stops can take a toll on your vehicle. These conditions are likely to add dirt and debris to your system, so keep up with fluid check ups at your Subaru transmission shop.

Taking Care of Your Transmission

A professional at a Subaru repair shop in Boulder will probably suggest getting your transmission fluid flushed every 100,000 miles, but it can depend on your driving behaviors and type of terrain you normally explore. Checking your transmission fluid on your own is important. It should be a clear red. If it smells burnt and has a darker color, that tells you it should be brought to a Subaru transmission shop for a flushing. Also watch for slipping gears, strange engine sounds or leaking transmission fluid. These are signs that you need a proper inspection to see if repairs need to be made. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests getting your car serviced at the first sign of fluid leakage.

If a Breakdown Happens

If you do break down on the side of the road and have to wait for help, you should have supplies to keep your family and any traveling animal companions cool. This includes water in glass or steel containers to avoid plastic leaching, sunscreen, sunglasses and hats to avoid the harmful rays of the sun, and water and a water bowl for your pet.

Remember that pets should never be left unattended in a hot car. A 75-degree day can quickly turn to 100 degrees or hotter inside your vehicle, and animals are at risk for brain damage, heat stroke and death at these temperatures.

Before heading out for summer travels, be sure your Subaru’s transmission is in good shape. Always check fluid levels and take your car in for repair at the first signs of transmission failure, and keep your car stocked with supplies in case you do have a breakdown.

Contact the professionals at the Subaru Clinic today to ensure your car is ready for your summer trips! Our Subaru repair shop is between Denver and Boulder in Broomfield CO.