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Getting Proper Timing Belt Replacement Service for Your Subaru

So, you read in your owner’s manual that you need a Subaru timing belt replacement when you hit 105K miles, but it’s not that simple. Subaru timing belt replacement mileage may vary if you do a lot of city, mountain or ocean-side driving, live in an extreme climate or tow a trailer. In any case, you want to get the best deal, but also the best service. Services differ from shop to shop and you want to find one that will replace the belt with good parts that will last almost as long as the originals. Choosing a shop based on price will probably leave you hurting after the warranty on the repair runs out. The cheap upfront cost might be tempting, but having it done right the first time is priceless.

Parts come in many different quality levels. The Subaru repair shops that offer you the cheapest price are probably using the lowest cost part that will last just until the warranty period of one year is over. Technician abilities vary as well. If you’re choosing a shop based on the lowest estimate, you probably won’t get the same quality service as you would with quality components and experienced Subaru technicians.

Your timing belt is an important part of your engine. It keeps your camshafts spinning in unison with the crankshaft so the valves will open at the right time in the combustion cycle. Without it, you’ll get no compression or spark from the air and fuel coming in. The timing belt also turns the water pump and can self-adjust in newer Subarus. Over time, the rubber belt will wear and crack with age, eventually breaking. Even if it doesn’t break, a stretched timing belt is bad for performance and gas mileage. This is why it’s important to replace it when it starts to wear out.

By choosing a Subaru specific shop, you’ll save money over going to a dealer, but you may find we’re more expensive than a tire store that offers a belt change. This is standard. We are trained specifically to handle your vehicle’s engine. We know what the best parts are for your make and model and we give you the best possible service from experienced technicians. Generic shops may not notice that something else in your engine is verging on failing or that there’s been a recall on specific Subaru parts. That little bit of extra money you spend on a Subaru timing belt replacement can give you peace of mind.

Don’t sacrifice quality to save money and don’t always rely on the owner’s manual to determine Subaru timing belt replacement mileage. An experienced independent Subaru repair shop like the Subaru Clinic can save you from paying dealer prices and provide more service for the money. We’ll fix your car with a reliable repair that will last.

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