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How to Maintain Your Subaru All Year Round

According to Subaru of America, in March of this year alone, sales of Subaru vehicles across the country topped 61,601 units. Also in March, the Subaru Forester was part of U.S. News and World Report’s list of “Best Compact SUVs” in their 2019 Best Cars for Families Awards. Meanwhile, the Subaru Crosstrek also made it to CNET’s list of Best Small SUV for the Money in 2019.

This proves that the Subaru is indeed a wise vehicle investment. The popular Japanese car import exhibits superiority in design, promotes safety and comfort, and is built to last. You can spot hundreds of them on the streets of Boulder! With proper attention, care and regular maintenance from a trusted Subaru mechanic in Boulder CO, the Subaru’s outstanding features will remain intact and continue to be the long-lasting vehicle it was built to be. Plus, a well-maintained vehicle will always mean a higher trade-in value.

Here are some helpful maintenance tips that will keep your Subaru in top shape:

Get an oil change and fluid check.

Checking the oil regularly for Subaru vehicles is very important because their vehicle models are designed for trekking across rough terrain. With poor oil maintenance, Subaru engines are more likely to wear out quickly. You also need to check your coolant to keep your engine at the right temperature and avoid overheating. Always refer to your owners manual or better yet, visit your nearest Subaru mechanic in Boulder, CO if you are unsure about changing the oil, replacing coolants, power steering fluid and brake fluid.

Check your tire pressure and alignment.

Make sure your wheels are properly aligned and that you maintain proper air pressure in your tires. Check air pressure once a week. If you see any damage to your tires, replace or repair them immediately.

Test lights regularly.

Check to see if your brake lights, left and right signal lights and headlights are shining brightly. If any of the lights in the front or rear are out, replace them right away.

Inspect your battery.

Your battery keeps your Subaru running so Inspect it for corrosion or any signs of damage. Inspect cables and wires to see if they are connected and if you notice any corrosion you can try to remove them with a toothbrush and some baking soda and water. To be sure, take your vehicle to a professional Subaru mechanic in Boulder.

See a Subaru mechanic in Boulder.

If you’re unsure whether something is wrong with your vehicle, see a nearby Subaru mechanic in Boulder immediately, especially if the car is making strange noises or if there’s a difference in the driving performance. Never ignore any sign of trouble and always perform regularly scheduled maintenance.

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