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The Advantages of Using an Independent Auto Shop for Car Repairs

Choosing to take your vehicle to a dealership for repairs and maintenance instead of a local Subaru auto mechanic can be an expensive mistake. While dealerships claim to have specially trained mechanics, better equipment, and exclusively OEM parts, only two of these aspects are true, and neither one matters. Every auto shop has specific equipment geared towards manufacturer vehicles. The type of diagnostic equipment a shop uses isn’t nearly as important as the skills of the mechanic that interprets the data.

OEM Parts and Specific Training Don’t Matter

The letters OEM stand for original equipment manufacturer. While these parts are more expensive, they are not necessarily better quality. There are many aftermarket parts that offer longer warranties and are built with better materials. An independent mechanic is likely to offer you several options for repair, so you can choose between OEM and aftermarket parts. It’s true that some non-OEM parts have an inferior build or fitting issues, but that’s determined by the maker. A local Subaru technician will provide you with non-OEM parts that are as reliable and high-performing as OEM parts. They may even exceed manufacturer specifications. Why would you pay more for lesser quality parts?

Even at a car dealership, you’re not guaranteed a mechanic with vehicle-specific training. Dealerships have no prerequisites when hiring mechanics. They base their hiring decisions on a variety of factors, just like an independent Boulder Subaru technician. While some mechanics have earned diplomas or certification in engine repair, overall experience is the top factor that any shop looks for. The idiosyncrasies found between manufacturers and vehicle systems can be learned over time. Good auto repair shops hire the best mechanics and instill any necessary additional knowledge as they go along. As a cross-manufacturer discipline, vehicle repair skills carry over. Why should you pay a higher bill at a dealership if their mechanics have the same level of training as a local Subaru auto mechanic?

You May Legally Choose Your Own Car Parts and Mechanic

It used to be you had to take your vehicle to a dealership for repairs so as not to void your warranty. These days, dealerships no longer have a stranglehold on the industry. You can legally take your Subaru to any mechanic you choose. Your warranty cannot be voided by the parts you choose either.

Why a Dealership Charges Extra

So, if all the above is true, why do dealerships charge so much money? The sad answer is because they can. Dealerships will claim they provide superior service to scare you into getting your maintenance and repairs done there. The truth is you’re paying an additional OEM parts cost and an additional branding cost in return for service, maintenance, and repairs that are no better than your Boulder Subaru technician.

What You Can Do About It

The best way to decide where to take your vehicle is to look at the service the auto repair shop provides.  Most shops will warranty their work, whether they are a dealership or an independent. The competition pushes them to improve. However, while an independent auto mechanic can justify their costs, it’s rare to find a dealership that can.

When you’re ready to eliminate high costs and get quality Subaru maintenance and repair, call the Subaru Clinic. With years of experience, we’ll keep your favorite vehicle running smoothly and efficiently so you can have a safe winter season.

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How to Know When You Need to Replace the Clutch in Your Subaru

While Subaru ranks in Consumer Reports list of top 10 most reliable cars, problems can still arise, and problems with the clutch can make your car undrivable. Over time, it’s possible for your clutch to wear out, making it impossible to change between gears. It’s an extremely important part of your vehicle and one you’ll want to have fixed immediately by a Subaru mechanic in Boulder.

What a Clutch Does

Your clutch separates your engine from the car’s drivetrain so you can change gears or come to a complete stop while the engine is running. It’s made of three components – a clutch plate, a pressure plate, and a flywheel. When you take your foot off the pedal, the springs in your clutch press these three pieces together to keep the transmission and engine connected and moving at the same rate. By pressing your foot on the clutch pedal, you’ll pull the springs up and away from the clutch plate so the other two components spin at different speeds, letting you easily change gears.

How Long a Clutch Will Typically Last

A Boulder Subaru technician will tell you that the life of your clutch is based on many different factors, so it’s different for every car owner. They’re designed to last at least 50,000 miles, but it can vary based on how well you take care of your car and what your driving style is. If you do a lot of city driving, you may find that your clutch wears out faster due to the frequent shifting between lower gears.

Signs That Your Clutch Needs To Be Replaced

There are several tell-tale signs that it’s time to take your Subaru to a Subaru mechanic in Boulder for a clutch replacement. For example, a vibrating or loose clutch pedal or one that is spongy or sticking when pressed. You may hear a grumbling or squeaking noise and have difficulty shifting gears. If you can rev the engine but your acceleration is poor, or you have a momentary loss of acceleration caused by a slipping clutch, it’s time to search “car repair near me!”

Keeping up with car repair and maintenance is important to keep it running smoothly for years to come. If you’re having difficulty with your clutch or other engine issues, call a Boulder Subaru technician at the Subaru Clinic today for reasonable rates and efficient service.

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4 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Nissan in Good Running Order

Cars are built to last these days and drivers are keeping their cars longer than ever before in an effort to save money, often topping the 200,000-mile mark. Even if you don’t plan on keeping your Nissan for that long, you want it to run smoothly for the years you have it. By having regular maintenance done on your car by a Boulder Nissan technician, you may stay happy with your vehicle for another 10 years. Try these four maintenance tips to get you started.

Change Your Air Filter

Your car’s air filter is extremely important. It prevents dust and debris from getting into other delicate parts in your vehicle’s engine. Your Denver Nissan repair shop will swap it out for a minimum fee. You can also look into getting a washable, high-flow filter for enhanced performance and a greener impact.

Replace Your Fuel Filter

Just like an air filter stops debris from entering your engine, a fuel filter does the same thing for your fuel system. A dirty filter can cause drivability issues or even problems with the fuel injectors which can create the need for costly repairs. So, do yourself a favor and get it checked regularly.

Change Your Serpentine Belt

Having your serpentine belt changed by a Boulder Nissan technician will keep your vehicle’s accessories running in top-notch order. The belt uses the engine’s rotation to turn things like your water pump, AC compressor and alternator. If your belt breaks, you are looking at an overheated engine and a dead battery. Don’t leave yourself stranded. Keep your belt working by replacing it when it gets worn.

Have Your Brakes Fixed

If you have ever had your brakes go out while driving, you know it’s a scary situation. Good brakes are probably the number one safety measure to keep up with on your car. Bring your vehicle in to Denver Nissan repair to get your rotors, pads, shoes and drums changed so you can stay safe on the road.

When trying to make your car last a full life-span of at least 10-15 years, you should keep up with basic maintenance. By bringing your vehicle in for regular tune-ups, it should safely get you where you need to go for years to come.

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