Reasons to See a Certified Subaru Mechanic to Get Ready for Summer Driving

car driving in the summer season

Summer is the season of road trips, but before you head out for adventure on the open road, you need to take care of your vehicle so it will take care of you. Stop-and-go traffic, high temperatures and dirt and dust from the road can hinder the performance of your Subaru. Seeing a Subaru certified mechanic to check the following systems will ensure that you have a safe and eventful summer.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning systems require routine maintenance every few years to keep them running on hot days. A poorly working system is bound to fail when the temperature rises. To keep it in good working condition, you should have the refrigerant checked to make sure it’s not deteriorated or leaking.

Also, try running the A/C on high and listen for the click of the compressor clutch to engage and stay steady. If it makes frequent clicks, it means the charge is low and should be serviced. Getting the system recharged at a Subaru repair mechanic is relatively inexpensive and could save you thousands of dollars later on. While you’re there, have the mechanic put tracer dye in your cooling system to easily detect leaks.

Tire Pressure and Tread 

Good tires aren’t only important on snowy roads. Heat can be dangerous too. When under-inflated tires bulge in the heat, they put pressure on the side walls which can lead to a blowout. Over-inflated tires are also a problem. They make less road contact and can hydroplane when it rains. Tire pressure changes quickly in hot weather, so keep a pressure gauge handy to make sure your inflation isn’t affected and always keep a spare on hand.

Tread is an important safety concern as well. Check tread depth by turning your car’s steering wheel all the way to one side and looking for small rubber lines that are built across the tread between blocks. If your tires are worn to the same level as the indicators, they’ll need to be replaced. You can also measure by standing a penny head-first in between your tire ribs. If Lincoln’s whole head is visible, your tires need to be changed.

Cooling System 

Summer breakdowns are normally caused when a vehicle overheats. Keeping your radiator and cooling systems full of coolant is the only way to ensure they’ll work properly. Because of their diminutive size, even a small leak can cause system failure on hot days. Always have your cooling system checked by a Subaru certified mechanic and change your fluid according to your vehicle’s recommended service schedule. If you’re not car savvy, leave the fluid maintenance to the professionals. Different brands can be incompatible and mixing them can ruin the entire system.

By taking care of your car before the summer heat, you can be sure it will get you where you need to go all season long. When choosing a technician, it’s important to pick a shop that has experience working on the same make and model vehicle as yours. We have extensive experience with all Subaru models.

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