4 Ways Regular Oil Changes Protect Your Subaru

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Changing your oil is an important process for keeping your Subaru safely running that should be done on a regular basis. Oil keeps your engine lubricated and helps it avoid damage. Over time that oil becomes full of dirt and debris from both your engine and its surrounding environment. By getting a Subaru oil change, you’re making sure that the oil can continue to do its job. Even if you rarely drive your vehicle, the oil should be kept fresh. Every car should have an oil change twice a year, no matter how far you’ve driven. Here are four ways an oil change can protect your Subaru.

Lubricates Your Engine

Your car is full of parts that move at a high rate of speed and cause heat. Without proper lubrication, they will wear down your engine and eventually destroy it. Read your owner’s manual to find out what grade and weight of oil your Subaru requires and be sure to keep it filled to the recommended level.

Cools Your Engine

When you don’t have enough clean oil, your engine’s moving components will create friction which in turn creates heat. Without a regular Subaru oil change, too much friction can cause your engine to overheat, especially in the upcoming warm weather. An oil change for Subaru cars is affordable and should keep you from breaking down and being stranded on the side of the road.

Makes Your Subaru Live Longer

Routine maintenance, like an oil change for Subaru cars, helps promote your vehicle’s longevity. When dirty oil builds up on your engine components, it can keep your car from running at full fuel economy and power. It also makes your internal parts work harder. All of this can add up to extra mechanical problems and a shorter lifespan for your Subaru. You should also know that car value increases at resale if you’ve kept up with regular maintenance.

Increases Gas Mileage

When your engine isn’t properly lubricated, it can lead to increased fuel consumption. Gas mileage can be improved over time by 1 to 2 percent if you get regular oil changes and give your car the correct oil. This can save you an entire gallon of gas per year, so it’s worth keeping up with.

Protect your Subaru by getting regular oil changes. Not only can your car last years longer, oil changes can save you money on repairs and gas in the long run.

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